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Cyclist Attacks Car

Dangerous & Aggressive Cyclist Dangerous Cyclist Hits Car
The man in our photograph had, five minutes earlier been cycling with a friend on the pedestrian pavement outside Booth's supermarket on Lytham Road, South Shore, Blackpool, and either carelessly or deliberately ridden into a local businessman. He had then stopped, given an offensive one-finger gesture, and some oral abuse, then turned round, cycled up to the businessman, stopped with his front wheel pressing on the businessman's foot, and gave further oral abuse, and made physical threats. The police were called, and the businessman went to get his camera to try to photograph the two culprits. They were no longer in evidence, but there was an incident involving a cyclist at the nearby junction of Lytham Road and Highfield Road.
Checking his Bike for Damage

Two Incidents
It turned out the same cyclist had managed to get himself into an accident with a car, and appeared unfortunately to have sustained only slight injuries. There was at least one witness, an old boy with a walking stick, who said that he deserved to have been under the car. Several witnesses had stopped, and appeared to be supporting the car driver, and the general opinion was that it was the cyclist's fault. There was also some confusion, as one witness reported that another car had stopped just before the accident, driven by a friend of the cyclists, and that the cyclists may have been trying to avoid them. Perhaps it was another motorist they had annoyed.

Leeds Supporter - Football Hooligan?
The cyclist had "Leeds" tattooed on his arm. Perhaps we are being slightly harsh, but why does a Blackpool man support Leeds, a club with a well known yob element amongst its supporters. Could this man be a football hooligan? His known behaviour makes it quite likely. His one-fingered gesture in our top photograph was taken in the presence of a police officer, and seems to send out an unambiguous and clear message about his attitude and behaviour.

The Car Driver
The car driver was not from the Blackpool area, but was on business in Blackpool, and on his way home when the accident happened. His windscreen had been cracked in the collision which was undoubtedly not his fault. As an ambulance had attended, the ambulance bill will automatically be sent to the car owner. It is likely that he will not be able to recover any of his costs, such as loss of no-claims bonus, from the prattish cyclist,

What Action Will the Police Take?
We, like many others, wonder what action if any will be taken against the cyclist. He clearly has, or is, a problem. first by riding on a pavement, secondly doing so in such a careless or aggressive manner as to collide with a pedestrian, then to abuse and threaten the pedestrian, and minutes later be involved in a collision with a car. Sadly, most members of the public believe that he will get away with his behaviour, as the police will probably take no action against him. It is probably not on the police's priority list, so nothing will happen, and the stupid, loutish, ignorant, aggressive and dangerous cyclist will be encouraged, by the lack of action, to continue with his antisocial behaviour. He will have won, and we, the law abiding decent members of society will have lost. Again.

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