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HRRA - Highfield Road Retailers Association

Formed in 1995 primarily to combat a proposed massive increase in business rates.

The HRRA has proved to be a very strong association promoting Highfield as the premier satellite shopping area in Blackpool.

The business rate appeal was successful. Instead of a proposed increase of up to 135%, some members actually got a substantial reduction!
This was the first time in the UK that a group of independent retailers had worked together, with professional guidane, to reduce the business rate per square metre charge by government, a figure know as the "tone" of the area.

The association is totally non-political, but works closely with the local council, now a "unitary authority", both its elected and executive officers. It is a representative and important voice in the area, and makes a strong input into local matters. Some 80 members regularly voice their concerns over business and social matters both through personal contact with the committee and in open meetings.

Other successes include:-
Upgrading of street cleaning to town centre level (now done overnight).
Continuation of Christmas festive lights at no cost to retailers.
Constant successful monitoring of "traffic calming" measures by local highways department.
Upgrading of policing - two community beat officers now present, insead of one.

Our latest project is to get CCTV for our area.
A long and politically complicated process, we have total support from all members and the local police. A recent open meeting with council representatives indicated that we are now in the "short list" subject to funding being available. the association is optimistic of a successful outcome.

John Moxham
Tel: 01253-343801

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