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Lytham Road

Directory of Shops and Businesses in the Area

Elephant's Foot Corned Beef Pasties
One of the butchers in South Shore G. & K. Mitchell & Sons, at 533 Lytham Road, makes their own range of home made pies and pasties. We have to say they are excellent. They contain about twice as much as the more expensive ones from a nearby and very popular (multiple) bakers,
They make a wide range, but one of the hardest ones to get is their corned beef pasty, because the pastry shape has to be hand cut instead of machine stamped, making it harder to produce them. It's also one of the author's favourites, and no, they didn't pay us to say so. We just thought they were so good that they deserved a free advert on this page.

Elephant's Foot Corned Beef Pasty
Elephant's Foot Corned Beef Pasty

G. & K. Mitchell & Sons
"The Home of Quality Meats & Pies"
533 Lytham Road
Blackpool FY4 1TE
Tel 01253 342303

Contact Information
c/o 521 Lytham Road, South Shore, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY4 1RJ
Telephone:- 01253-343081

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